25 thoughts

  1. Cesar Loaiza says:

    Smoke it all!

  2. Timic83tc says:

    6:32 most hypocritical picture i ever fuckin seen

  3. David Harding says:

    I and I tink dis be good post and ting! 

  4. ThreeOneNine says:

    Peace, love and unity!

  5. Pulverized says:

    Why not try get a job

  6. cris lamont says:

    The problem would be trying to prevent the Jamaican government from blaming
    its social problems on weed. This is a nation that has deep social problems
    and it would be easy for the government to blame cannabis

  7. Michael Ghandi says:

    the two young guys who grow their own, will get far if its legalized

  8. deus irae says:

    “DR” Campbell needs to learn the difference between ‘rehabilitation’ and
    ‘legalization’. Maybe he’s talking about brain damage from first hand

  9. mercedescl says:

    Anyone who have set foot in Jamaica will know stoned people are everywhere.
    So the laws either not enforced or just generating profit for police like
    speeding tickets.

  10. veryveryintense says:

    9:40 I absolutely love this kind of angry shouting in patois that you see
    in reggae music, i would buy that song if it were ever produced

  11. NICKOLAS CAIN says:

    da smmoth riddims of jah-maKAH

  12. Brian Larbi says:

    Herb is scarce. can’t get none!

  13. jdziedzic11 says:

    anyone who says they just want to “REGULATE” marijuana just wants to
    control it and YOU. They dont want people to be free and be able to shake
    off the chains of poverty and state control, they want you to be their
    slave and pay their taxes and fees, and licenses and regulations until you
    are thoroughly under their boot

  14. ImThicknTrill says:

    i dont get why these guys think they have good bud, its str8 shwag

  15. James Peach says:

    beautiful song by that guy in the beginning ….

  16. Oba Jaysus says:

    fucking love there accent its beast 

  17. Joseph Bob says:

    Very well done +vice news 

  18. NAWMSAYIN!? says:

    MAN I want an MP3 of that song…..CAR FULL OF HERBS!!!!

  19. stampnise says:

    the song in the beginning…. RECORD IT

  20. Myskox W says:

    Our time has come!

  21. Joe Rinaldi says:

    That rap though

  22. R.O.T.Y. says:


  23. Floyd Johnson says:

    How can I get a job with vice

  24. AllHarsh hash says:

    i love how the majority of weed smokers are good down to earth people

  25. Abdulnasir AlMassloom says:

    music at the beginning and end please

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