Fencing to Improve Your Home

While the white picket fence is the most common type of picket fence, some homeowners elect to leave their fences in their own natural wood look. Traditionally, these fences are made from wood but, more and more, it’s not unusual to find plastic fences that mirror wood. While the white picket fence has come to symbolize the negative features of suburbia recently, it’s still considered the most American of all fences and stays among the most famous fence we select to install.

The Actual Goal

custom-charlotte-fencingMany folks consider fences as defining a property’s border and maintaining a homeowner’s seclusion. While a fence can serve these functions, the more common reason individuals pick a picket fence will be to enrich the attractiveness of your yard. The fence specialist is the landscape designer not the home security contractor. Pickets are generally best used in conjunction with flowers, bushes, or vines. A white picket fence will allow several color combinations with different flowery palates. The nature of this fence is to give your house an unassuming, nation feel to your home which will welcome your neighbors. Many homeowners also believe the picket fence is perfect in combination with their stone walls. http://affordablefencing.co/


Installment of your picket fence is closely linked to its function. The same as any setup project, there are common pitfalls the do-it-yourselfer must avert, including digging holes into wires, conduits, or sprinkler lines, correctly racking panels for ground slopes, and just plumbing and surveying fence posts. If you do determine to undertake this project on your own, make sure that the wood you use has been pressure-treated.
That said, while the typical do-it-yourselfer should have minimal problem installing a basic, functional picket fence, hiring a landscaping company is best to optimize the beautifying effect of your fence. The do-it-yourselfer will most likely use standard, preassembled fence panels. A landscape business will have the ability to supply advice and proper installment of more ornate and undulating fences that will soften the lines of your home and help catch the eye of your would-be admirers.

The Post and Rail Fence

A very similar fence is the post and rail fence. Perhaps the simplest fence one can choose; posts are joined by one, two, or three horizontal rails. Like the picket, the post and rail fence is primarily decorative, but unlike pickets, a post and railing has significantly more open space. To put it differently, if you’re trying to find a fence to enhance and frame a garden or specific landscaped place, this might be the fence for you, but if you are seeking a decorative fence that still supplies a certain amount of privacy and seclusion, youwill need to stick with the picket. For new fences in Raleigh call Affordable Fencing.

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