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  1. shlomo kapelnikov says:

    I enjoy it very mutch.

  2. 1888junkteam says:

    excellent worker!

  3. ninjatoothpaste says:

    I always sleep at the same time, I’ve definitely never been sleeping while
    I was awake! ;P

  4. starflower666 says:

    sleep talking?

  5. onepiecebigfan says:

    this video is really interesting, but it makes me so sleepy.

  6. Mary Christiansen says:

    I wish we knew the reason on why people sleep less deeper as they get older.

  7. Shane Butler says:

    Taking quality time in one area can save time in other areas of our lives.

  8. Your No. 1 Toys Channel says:

    Very well explained! I always sleep, when I have a chance. But in my line
    of work sometimes , it’s unavoidable, to work a lot and sleep less..

  9. Thinkfree70 says:

    for some reason i cant dose off anymore, i get up in the middle of the
    night several times of night almost every hour, i end up getting only 3 or
    less hours to sleep and wake up groggy like hell for some reason its been
    going on for weeks now,also when i shut my eyes to (sleep)i noticed before
    i even am sleeping i go right away into a dream and that scares me, anyone
    have any thoughts

  10. wjestick says:

    Look up Bob Beck brain tuner. The whole science of electrotherapy was
    widespread in the medical literature in the 1980s. Pete Townsend was
    famously cured of heroin addiction using a very rudimentary device. There
    is a lot of information about this on the net. Search “bob beck brain
    tuner” here on youtube there is some useful information including where the
    device can be bought, and a talk summarising the research by Beck himself.
    Disclosure: Used one insomnia gone! Less than 1 month!

  11. wjestick says:

    Three hours? 1. Check sleep hygiene. Quiet room, no TV, no stimulants, no
    light, emotional calm. 2. Snoring or apnea, does someone watch you when you
    sleep. I used to snore, didn’t find out until I roomed with someone on a
    cycling training camp, very embarrassing. 3. Emotional trauma can set it
    off. I used a brain tuner to cure mine. Small electrical device, thoroughly
    researched, safe, used since 1980’s. Look up “Bobo Beck Brain Tuner” on
    Youtube or Google.

  12. wjestick says:

    Knowing the reason is less important than knowing what to do about it.
    Basic sleep hygiene is important. Dealing with emotional issues helps too.
    Watch the video a few times, it has some great ideas.

  13. am83330 says:

    This should be a required class in every public school. Why does the
    Western World have such a dismissive attitude toward the importance of

  14. ghjtru says:

    productivity? … capitalism?

  15. Zaxomio says:

    watched this after having slept like 5 hours. Well time to go to school

  16. PearlMoon36 says:

    I think the western world has a dismissive attitude about a lot of things
    sad to say …

  17. MusicNumber11 says:

    Sleep… I like sleep… though.. I don’t get enough of it T_T

  18. nogov4us says:

    I like bed.

  19. julien regnaut says:

    Very interesting

  20. DancingSpiderman says:

    A turtle a day keeps the nightmares away.

  21. Anne Simpson says:

    Wow!! I would not be proud of this–

  22. Kevin Colt says:

    sleep when dead ty

  23. Dee Smith says:

    Sorry, but this does not address living longer and better, the Dr mentions
    various sleeping tablets and Ramelton a melatonin analogue that is “17
    times stronger than melatonin”, and is not addictive, failing to mention it
    can cause these side effects; decreased sex drives • difficulty swallowing
    • hallucinations • irregular heartbeat • memory problems • mood changes •
    depression • fertility problems • suicidal thoughts, real melatonin is an
    antioxidant! it might help you live longer!

  24. CheonHoPark says:

    So it affects everybody? I wonder if half also suffer from psychosis like
    me. Well must not, if they can hold a job, school, relationships, raise
    families, etc. Or maybe that’s why we see some unstable parents shoot their
    partner and kids. But in the end I could care less about the psychosis, I’d
    rather be psychotic but not feel tired. Feelings tired is worst then
    psychosis. At least for me.

  25. Michael Wilson says:

    Dr. Hughes, I am shocked that you did not spend any time on how important
    a good sleep system (mattress and life style foundation) is for a good
    nights sleep. You might do some research and add that to your presentation
    if you want to be a true expert on sleep. As you say you spend 1/3 of your
    life sleeping. Wouldn’t it help to be on a good mattress.

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