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  1. zilvinas andrikonis says:


  2. Antipodean33 says:

    Do we know it was the Inca’s practising the trepadation or was it the far
    more advanced ppl with the elongated skulls who built those massive stone
    structures? We know the Inca’s only had bronze chisels and stone hammers
    and there is no way they could carve out perfectly smooth granite blocks
    weighing hundreds of tons in some cases with those tools. Yet someone
    before them was way more advanced

  3. MBBSoftware says:

    20V you wont even notice.

  4. katy scott says:

    pretty awesome actually ;)

  5. Jason Nunn says:

    My brother’s a medical researcher, & he reckons doctors are currently
    drawing up plans for producing the ‘perfect human’.

    Conceived by IVF, s/he will be born severely premature & need constant
    surgery, physical therapy & counselling through child & adulthood. They
    will then become senile, immobile & incontinent at 60- but live on to at
    least 150. This should provide the medical industry with tons of lucrative
    work for decades, incidentally boosting GDP & tax income. Sounds like a

  6. DragonSlayer02 says:

    This is scary 

  7. 1800CPAPCOM says:

    Incredible, some of the same principles are used today, just more advanced

  8. Yvonne Thompson says:

    this stuff isn’t forbidden, it’s just outdated and out of favor for the
    area it was used in.

  9. Kimberlee Robinson says:

    talk of leaches… IM OUT!

  10. John O'Shaughnessy says:

    with the brain surgery, they say the patients were not anaesthetised… but
    are they sure? Mezo American indians had a great knowledge of herbs and
    used many substances for consciousness expansion so I’m pretty sure they
    might have used derivatives of coca leaves and alcohol and other plants

  11. Michael Jania says:

    These treatments aren’t scary or weird they are in balance and natural.

  12. terrorcop101 says:

    I knew that snake venom could be used to counter poisons, but never that it
    could be used to combat heart disease or Alzheimer’s. Who’d of thought,
    one of the deadliest things on earth is capable of being one of the most
    powerful sources of health?

  13. fifi msp says:

    Wow! Henry V has to be one of the toughest badasses ever!

  14. Michael Justice says:

    That arrow wound to the face was GNARLY! I’d be screaming like a bitch. 

  15. Dina Asani says:

    I already loved medicine and that’s why I am studying it but this video
    made e love it even more

  16. Swetha Sequeira says:

    Really informative! Thanks to modern medicine where v have anesthesia &
    burr hole surgeries to open up a skull! Can anyone tell me if there was any
    method they used to stop internal bleeding during the surgery? Was the
    scalp sutured after the procedure????
    The information on the torpedoes was amazing though! Heard that they were
    used to reduce the pain during child labor & even for gout and headaches!
    Too good a documentary. I was just amazed! And yup this made me love modern
    medicine a lot more! 🙂 

  17. hopeso says:

    Google’s got some serious glitches with YT. I can’t reply to posts but can
    only enter a new post.

    This documentary, like most, is aimed at the general public. Their
    explanation of how eels and such can kill is muddled and not clear,,,, to
    the general public.

    As is saying, it’s the PRODUCT of volts AND amps that kills. Most think of
    product as something you buy at a store or that a factory makes. Most have
    not taken physics or electronics or electricity.

    A better explanation for the point is that it’s volts TIMES amps that kills.

    But that’s not strictly true either. When you glide across the floor in
    your socks and touch the doorknob, there’s got to be a great deal of
    voltage for that tiny spark of lightning to jump the gap. What’s missing is
    enough amps to hurt you. So extremely high voltage times very low amps will
    not give you a kill shot.

    Your body is a poor conductor so no damage when you touch the 24 volt
    battery. But short the terminals with a screw driver and you will melt
    metal because there’s virtually no rsistance and the full amperage capacity
    of the battery will be delivered.

    Back to the eel. It will have sufficient voltage to overcome the poor
    conductivity of an organism. In addition, it will have the amps required to
    do damage. Only very briefly, of course, it’s like a mega-capacitor.

    So voltage times amps is not STRICTLY correct. A sweet spot of SUFFICIENT
    voltage AND amps is required.

    That a living organism evolved to make this happen is truly remarkeable and
    would be deemed fantasy if it were not true.

    It makes you wonder if dragons perhaps DID exist at one time and DID breath
    fire, of sorts. Could have been an acid mist that burns, like fire. Ancient
    cultures FAR removed from each other have dragon tales and images that are
    virtually identical.

    Anyway, not that important, just hate to see incomplete information in
    these things being perpetuated.

  18. Matthew Pim says:

    6:40 “poisonous snake” ? like a “venomous spider” ?

  19. snagssharkteeth says:

    There anaesthesia would probably be weed 🙂 

  20. Genis withLowerCaseG says:

    This documentary seriously needs to be named : “Ancient European Medical
    Secrets” Asia did its share of ancient medical achievements, yet nothing is
    said about them. 

  21. Lavon McLeod says:

    Fuckn Dr. Frankenstein himself

  22. Roro Monroe says:

    The Electric test wasn’t done properly…. i mean it could have been a
    placebo.. cause the guy in the suit said he would feel less pain. 

  23. markymuskrat1 says:

    Poppies and booze

  24. Sonja Grinstead says:

    WHO would ever have thought that supernatural physical healing and
    deliverance from demon possession are f r o m the God of Abraham through
    faith in Jesus Christ!?! …I respect all the natural discoveries if they
    actually work for any length of time, but divine healing is a provision of
    the New Test Covenant for ALL who dare believe! …I have experienced
    healing and deliverance which does not fail through faith in Jesus Christ!
    …worldwide billions need physical healing from disease and deliverance
    from the bondage of sin which results in death.
    Quote of Jesus; ” The wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is
    everlasting life.” …that’s good news!
    Man’s discoveries are of the natural human realm and can fail at any time,
    but divine healing and deliverance is O F a spiritual godly event on your
    behalf! KJV. 

  25. nesossin says:

    I’d rather be operated on by a Roman doctor than a medieval doctor.

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